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Moving to Helsinki

Ice skating in the Central Railway Station square

There are many things to consider when moving to Helsinki from abroad. Our First Steps Checklist aims to make the process smoother. A visit to International House Helsinki once you arrive will allow you to complete many steps on the list at once. Read on to learn more.

Have you arrived in Helsinki to apply for asylum?

Please see our section on Applying for asylum for more information.

First Steps Checklist

Looking for more helpful information for new arrivals?

The Newcomer’s Guide from International House Helsinki is a great introduction to life in the capital region.

Learn more about how International House Helsinki can help you with your first steps in this short video.

Things to consider before your move

  • If you arrive from outside the EU, you must declare the personal property you bring into the country to the Finnish customs authorities. This includes domestic goods, furniture, bicycles, motor vehicles and trailers intended for private use. 
  • If you wish to bring a pet when moving to Helsinki from abroad, the Finnish Food Safety Authority provides detailed instructions on the import of animals